In our hotel pets are welcome.

Rules for acceptance of our 4-legged friends.

Our hotel has always accepted animals (dogs and cats), but for the respect of other guests and for common rules of hygiene owners must be guarantors of compliance with the rules below:

  • At our hotel pets are allowed, with prior notice;
  • The cost of the animal’s stay is 10,00 EURO per night had a more thorough cleaning of the room and with suitable detergents and sanitizing than normal;
  • They are allowed small and medium size dogs, should not exceed 12-15 kg;
  • In the common areas of the hotel, the animals have to be brought on a leash or in a cage;
  • In each room you are allowed to have a maximum of one animal; • The customer must be properly equipped for the well-being of your pet, including carriers and kennels travel;
  • E ‘absolutely forbidden to pick up the animal on the beds, armchairs, chairs, tables etc .;
  • In the rooms the animals must not be left unattended;
  • The pet should be used to living in the house and the cleaning regime. If your pets cause too much clutter, you can take your part payment of a supplement. The barking of dogs or meowing cats can disturb the other guests;
  • For reasons of safety and comfort of your pet, the maid did not clean the room if your pet is left unattended. If the time when the waitress is present in your room you are present, your pet must be on a leash or in a cage. Please contact the waitress about the appropriate time to clean the room;
  • The owners of pet animals accept full responsibility for damages that may result from the animals.


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