Rafting in Valnerina


Gaia Centro Rafting – Biselli di Norcia

The Horn River Rafting is suitable for everyone. If you are a family with children, a couple, or a group of friends this activity for you.

In fact, takes place in complete safety, as is level 1 (on a scale of 1 to 5) and at the same time exciting and fun, because you are together on the same boat (maximum 6 people per boat) and for large groups however, it goes down a dinghy behind the other. For every boat that there will be a guide who, after a brief initial lesson, come down on your dinghy to guarantee fun, safe, and to tell you what to see during this trip in the river.

During the descent it will also be possible to try the adventure park with trails suspended above the trees and cableways with pulley, and then resume the descent when a route has ended.

The hours of rafting They can make runs every day from April to November.

Making 3 runs a day and departure times are 10PM, 13PM and 16PM.

The duration of the descent will be based on the proposal that you will choose:

  • long stretch of the duration of 2 hours
  • short stretch of time of 1 hour

The meeting is scheduled at the headquarters of the rafting center at least 30 minutes before departure.

For guests of our hotel there is a discount of 10% presenting our Adventure Card Free!

Go to the Rafting Center Gaia web site to see the price of rafting and other outdoor activities.

Info and reservations: 348.7356.565 –